I have to say, I've always hated Facebook, a dysfunctional mess of a social network in my opinion, and I resisted even opening a business page until 2015, but I have today shuttered my Facebook accounts, both personal and professional.

One problem with having a presence on any social media platform is the need to maintain it. A business page which looks abandoned is worse than not having a page at all, and as updates posted on Facebook were few and far between it wasn't presenting a good image for my company. As for actually posting stuff, well it's an awful interface to use and my screen as an administrator for my business Facebook profile was crammed with cack they were constantly trying to push on me to pay for promoted posts and advertising. Besides, over the bank holiday I tried to post an update linking back to this website which Facebook blocked as being suspicious, and not for the first time. If I cannot post links on my own Facebook business page back to my own business website, then really, what's the point?

I also don't use Facebook Messenger and have never had it installed on my phone, so those trying to contact me on it were having to wait for replies which I only noticed when (rarely) logging in to my account.

At the time of closure, there were eight reviews which had been left for my business by fellow Facebook users I had performed work for in the past. All reviews were rated positive with five stars and losing those is the only downside to burying my account, especially as these people had kindly taken the time out to author them. Screenshots of them are shown below for posterity.









I have no plans to kick Twitter out of bed, so you can still find me posting pictures and talking nonsense on a social network, but one that is actually sort of fun to use.... unlike Facebook.