Yes, the fat bloke on the cover of February 2020's Professional Electrician magazine is indeed me. It was cleverly photographed from my best side: low angle from the rear so you don't get to see too much of my face... although you can (rather unfortunately) count the bogies up my left nostril.

Following on from my appearances on the Scolmore Group SGTV YouTube channel, they asked if I would pose for a few cheeky shots with some of their products for the cover of Professional Electrician and Installer. I don't think anyone has ever asked me to grace the cover of a magazine before, not even Wetherspoons News (somewhat surprisingly), and it's probably never going to bally well happen again, so although it seemed a strange request for someone who lacks the looks and waistline for such work, I figured I'd do it.

One for the coffee table.

I can also be found inside, somewhere around page 58 and 59... or so I'm told, pretending to put up a couple of Scolmore lights in their boardroom. And yes, that is my McHat, albeit with the rim colour slyly changed using Hollywood CGI from McYellow to Scolmore blue!

Sadly, although free on the counter of most electrical wholesalers, the big boys like CEF and Denmans have their own personalised covers. Still, I'd like to thank Scolmore for the unique opportunity and for giving hope to all of us old and out-of-shape chaps that the industry isn't obsessed with the young, beautiful, tattoo'd kids....

...mentioning no Nick Bundy's. *cough YouTube-whore cough*