This is one of those projects you would normally start at the beginning of the year, only to find yourself losing interest a couple of months in. Although it's now August, I hadn't thought of it before so, well, it's a late start....

... but nonetheless, I was wondering today if it would be possible to take a different picture every day and post it here.

I mean, *how* interesting would that be?!

Well, probably not very. I mean, I'm no photographer. I don't even profess to have an interest in photography, much less an eye for it, and I'm only armed with my iPhone's camera. Still, late start though it may be, let's see if I can keep it going for the rest of 2014. I promise to try not to make it too boring, for example by only photographing consumer units and light bulbs - things my camera roll seems full of, instead I'll try to find something of interest in my day that is worthy of snapping.

Filters may or may not have been applied!

Although the pictures will be taken every day, uploading them here may be sporadic because, well, I'm busy y'know.

24/12/14: Merry bloody Christmas.
2014-12-24 19.38.11

23/12/14: Bedtime reading.
2014-12-23 11.49.26

22/12/14: The wife has made a corporate-coloured bobble for my woolly hat!
2014-12-22 10.23.31

21/12/14: Probably time for an EICR...
2014-12-21 11.27.44

20/12/14: There is nothing I don't like about this...
2014-12-20 14.02.12

19/12/14: The homeowner told me he's cleared this room so I could get under the floor. Not exactly sure which bit he thinks he's cleared...
2014-12-19 09.25.36

18/12/14: Nothing goes in front of a Christmas tree more suitably than a Hilmor conduit bender. Phwoar, eh lads?
2014-12-18 22.10.33

17/12/14: My super gas fire, about to breathe its last as we're going fully electric from tomorrow.
2014-12-17 10.24.24

16/12/14: Red sky in the morning, electrician's warning!
2014-12-16 08.13.00

15/12/14: A cat. On a ladder.
2014-12-15 15.30.10

14/12/14: Spotted out in the wild: they don't make 'em like this any more....
2014-12-14 14.12.24

13/12/14: Wish I could lie about in a sunny spot all day.
2014-12-13 11.28.55

12/12/14: Another cat pic. This time, on a basket lid.
2014-12-12 16.52.49

11/12/14: Siri you dickhead!
2014-12-11 19.48.03

10/12/14: Knocking up a mean risotto.
2014-12-10 19.35.50

09/12/14: Seasonal snacks.
2014-12-09 20.53.51

08/12/14: Tree's up!
2014-12-08 17.50.42

07/12/14: Smiley fish.
2014-12-07 15.50.48

06/12/14: Contented cat.
2014-12-06 19.50.25

05/12/14: New Christmas jumper!
2014-12-05 16.15.45

04/12/14: Spotted on site: It's not what you might think it is though, apparently related to the Swallow Sidecar company (renamed as Jaguar cars in 1945 so as "not to be connected or confused with any similar foreign name"). Probably for the best.
2014-12-04 11.38.09

03/12/14: Working in Coventry. Different town, different McD's.
2014-12-03 12.42.51

02/12/14: The exterior Christmas lights are up!
2014-12-02 07.26.33

01/12/14: Funky tin lunchbox.
2014-12-01 11.12.13

30/11/14: Seat's taken.
2014-11-30 09.08.41

29/11/14: My sister has emigrated to America so I inherit her fibre-optic lamp which I'm converting from halogen to LED.
2014-11-29 19.22.07

28/11/14: Just finished this conservatory extension complete with these three squirrel-cage pendants.
2014-11-28 19.40.33

27/11/14: A Christmas shopping day with the wife in Stratford. She'll want to visit every one of these damn stores and more...
2014-11-27 14.41.59

26/11/14: Teaming up with NKM Electrical again!
2014-11-26 11.12.29

25/11/14: Playing Dead Space. Again. Third time through. What can I tell you, I like the classics.
2014-11-25 19.09.08

24/11/14: Mornin'!
2014-11-24 07.21.23

23/11/14: Cat in bag shenanigans.
2014-11-23 12.59.35

22/11/14: Mmm! Fishy breakfast!
2014-11-22 08.48.18

21/11/14: It's that extra 1% of air quality that does it.
2014-11-21 13.34.49

20/11/14: In this day and age, there's no excuse for retailers to supply luminaires with D rated lamps.
2014-11-20 15.03.19

19/11/14: Spotted: interesting wine glass light!
2014-11-19 12.38.45

18/11/14: Too much of this is (probably) happening:
2014-11-18 12.00.04

17/11/14: Copper box is full. Time to recycle.
2014-11-17 21.04.59

16/11/14: Every time I put an empty box down this happens:
2014-11-16 15.41.13

15/11/14: The incoming call that cannot be answered for some stupid reason.
2014-11-15 09.50.14

14/11/14: Men at work. And Nigel.
2014-11-14 12.52.58

13/11/14: Even supplying a rainbow on this job!
2014-11-13 10.19.25

12/11/14: Again.2014-11-12 09.23.12

11/11/14: Morning! A week after this was taken, those trees in the foreground had been chopped down by the golf course people.
2014-11-11 07.09.19

10/11/14: Always nice to finish the second fix on a job then stand back to admire!
2014-11-10 15.02.19

09/11/14: Dammit O2, why does this keep happening??
2014-11-09 09.09.08

08/11/14: Golden!
2014-11-08 22.25.27

07/11/14: Building up my muscles!
2014-11-07 18.12.13

06/11/14: Admiring the LED lighting at The Royal Horse. Well, admiring the Guinness more...
2014-11-06 17.24.30

05/11/14: GameBoy Pokemon cartridge surgery to replace a duff backup battery.
2014-11-05 10.42.57

04/11/14: Working at a house in Cubbington where, on the distant horizon, you can see the spires and towers of Coventry.
2014-11-04 10.42.57

03/11/14: Trying not to get killed by the DIY bodggery of this installation. This circuit is live even with the fuse pulled!
2014-11-03 10.15.40

02/11/14: Under a satisfied cat.
2014-11-02 19.51.29

01/11/14: New (old) toy! My second hand conduit bender!
2014-11-01 15.18.27

31/10/14: Party time!
2014-10-31 16.11.53

30/10/14: Quiet lunch spot (again).
2014-10-30 13.22.01

29/10/14: Ugh. stupid tablet firmware upgrade. This never goes well...
2014-10-29 20.02.39

28/10/14: New (old) toy.
2014-10-28 21.00.41

27/10/14: Quiet lunch spot.
2014-10-27 13.22.09

26/10/14: My halloween window display! Flicker flame lamps being used to good effect.
2014-10-26 16.52.41

25/10/14: Get in!
2014-10-25 19.39.44

24/10/14: Looks cosy.
2014-10-24 08.45.32

23/10/14: The neighbours' halloween display which is better than mine.
2014-10-23 16.25.45

22/10/14: Armoured cable being pulled in today, and the drum makes a handy table for lunch.
2014-10-22 11.57.58

21/10/14: Going to work on an egg. Actually, two eggs.
2014-10-21 08.02.38

20/10/14: Washed n' buffed!
2014-10-20 15.29.18

19/10/14: Out for dinner with the kids. They're uh... around somewhere...
2014-10-19 19.20.51

18/10/14: Old skool Atari evening!
2014-10-18 22.01.06

17/10/14: What the inside of a service head looks like.
2014-10-17 14.16.00

16/10/14: Spotted on site today; installed and certified by an Elecsa registered sparkie. Really? With all that isulation tape? Not a professional job.
2014-10-16 16.06.50

15/10/14: This stupid fan isolator nearly caught me out. The switch looks like it's on when it's off. Which idiot designed this??!
2014-10-15 14.31.53

14/10/14: Red sky in the morning. At least, it looks red to the naked eye.
2014-10-14 07.06.51

13/10/14: Goddammit!
2014-10-13 17.04.38

12/10/14: A visit to the Transport Museum in Coventry where the emergency vehicle automotive lighting display was my highlight!
2014-10-12 13.32.20

11/10/14: New coffee machine!
2014-10-11 16.28.06

10/10/14: How to tell if your service head is live! Yuk yuk! Seriously kids, don't try this at home. This was a disconnected head, otherwise the owner of that finger would be very, very dead.
2014-10-10 15.35.01

09/10/14: Disaster! My latte machine has died! I'm having to make coffee olde-worlde style!
2014-10-09 08.43.35

08/10/14: Caining it down! And I'm supposed to be core drilling an extractor fan in this!
2014-10-08 13.26.48

07/10/14: New toy! Been meaning to buy a battery multi-saw for ages!
2014-10-07 07.23.25

06/10/14: Going the extra mile for my clients by making a sample board to display different accessory finishes!
2014-10-06 19.03.14

05/10/14: New parrot fish!
2014-10-05 20.50.41

04/10/14: More Ni-No-Kuni and it's giving me wood.
2014-10-04 18.40.00

03/10/14: Funkin' up the home office with some blue LED strip action!
2014-10-03 19.03.59

02/10/14: After 22 years on the road, it's funny to think this is my last ever tax disc.
2014-10-02 15.56.45

01/10/14: No toolbox should be without one, although she looks right pissed off.
2014-10-01 08.06.27

30/09/14: Officially in the middle of nowhere on today's job!
2014-09-30 09.55.13

29/09/14: Now that it's autumn, and despite still being warm enough for me to be sporting my shorts in the day, I have switched to Chai Latte as my official tipple of an evening.
2014-09-29 19.47.37

28/09/14: I now have a lava lamp in the office, nicked from my daughter's bedroom where it wasn't being used. Trouble is, it's more fun to watch than sitting doing quotes/certs/accounts etc.
2014-09-28 16.52.23

27/09/14: Spotted in a garden, the Westhill Weather Stone!
2014-09-27 15.32.57

26/09/14: Near something explosive apparently.
2014-09-26 12.50.24

25/09/14: Wow! I remember using these old-school Avometer's at college back in the day - and they looked like something straight off Noah's Ark even back then! A great looking bit o' kit though!
2014-09-25 15.31.10

24/09/14: Autumn is deffo here.
2014-09-24 09.30.55

23/09/14: Some GTAV vegetainment tonight. Not quite sure how I managed to get this unsafe load on the road??
2014-09-23 20.19.51

22/09/14: Another Monday morning. And it's getting chillier.
2014-09-22 08.40.14

21/09/14: A friend's fish tank now converted to LED lighting using IP LED strips. Nice and bright, uses half the power and only 12V hovering above the water instead of a 230V fluorescent ballast!
2014-09-21 17.27.22

20/09/14: Another boring fish pic I'm afraid. This is a cichlid of some kind. Can't remember what type exactly, but I know he's a territorial pain in the arse who bullies anything else I put in the tank.
2014-09-20 15.15.17

19/09/14: Tuckin' into a filthy McDonalds.
2014-09-19 15.11.13

18/09/14: At Elex 2014, Ricoh Arena: looking at all the electrician's toys (and spending some cash!)
2014-09-18 12.10.42

17/09/14: Anyone fancy some Atari? I've modded my old 2600jr with a composite video output to allow it to work with modern TV's!
2014-09-17 17.57.55

16/09/14: After a dental check-up, it used to be traditional to visit Pizza Hut, but since that closed in Leamington we've been going to the Royal Horse. And yes, both pints are mine.
2014-09-16 17.55.26

15/09/14: Spotted at a customer's house; a nice bit of old-school retro tech!
2014-09-15 10.52.36

14/09/14: Another nice evening near home.
2014-09-14 18.42.32

13/09/14: Don't let the cat outta the bag! She looks comfy.
2014-09-13 22.31.53

12/09/14: 6:30AM at Warwick Castle with my youngest to take part in a book reading world record!
2014-09-12 06.30.19

11/09/14: Playing with a LED squirrel cage light bulb!
2014-09-11 16.45.28

10/09/14: This is what I like about working in rural Warwickshire - when you're up a ladder you usually have a nice view!
2014-09-10 12.39.30

09/09/14: On an evening bike ride with the eldest. The splodge on the horizon is Chesterton Windmill.
2014-09-09 18.42.41

08/09/14: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superma.. oh, it's a microlight.
2014-09-08 18.12.16

07/09/14: Giving the van the rare treat of a wash. Turns out it's orange under the dirt! Who knew?!
2014-09-07 11.12.15

06/09/14: The wife has made a camoflague cake.
2014-09-06 18.36.26

05/09/14: Hazy sunset over my solar panels.
2014-09-05 19.21.52

04/09/14: They don't make 'em like this any more! A metal test/inspect notice lovingly placed adjacent to a BS3036 fuse box from 1965. The Electrical Contractors Association Incorporated is now the ECA and still going strong, but L.W. Hodgkins Ltd. has long since disappeared.
2014-09-04 09.51.26-2

03/09/14: Getting funny looks because I'm taking a photo of the lights in Asda for another page on this website. Mind you, they are outside the fitting rooms so it probably does look a bit... iffy..
2014-09-03 19.44.19

02/09/14: Found this at a house today - a live metal socket outlet being used in a garden. And no, the plastic bag does not make it IP rated!
2014-09-02 12.09.09

01/09/14: Sorry to be boring, but it's another Silver Dollar snap today.
2014-09-01 20.44.15

31/08/14: A new fish for my aquarium. A large Silver Dollar. Hopefully it won't end up the same way as the fish in yesterday's picture.
2014-08-31 21.03.20

30/08/14: Back in Blighty and attempting to keep the holiday spirit alive with a barbecue despite the jumper and jeans taking over from my Speedo's.
2014-08-30 18.45.22

29/08/14: Last evening on the island.
2014-08-29 20.13.19

28/08/14: Another scorcher!
2014-08-28 12.42.35

27/08/14: You don't get 'em like this in the West Midlands!
2014-08-27 20.03.12

26/08/14: More a sandset than a sunset. Or something.
2014-08-26 19.29.38

25/08/14: Sunset view.
2014-08-25 19.46.05

24/08/14: 200 metres water resistant my arse!
2014-08-24 17.14.14

23/08/14: What a Greek consumer unit looks like. Next inspection date 2029?? Most of the electrics I saw there were in appalling condition!
2014-08-23 10.44.16

22/08/14: About to board this thing for a week in Corfu!
2014-08-22 19.07.49

21/08/14: This is why you should always use a professional for your electrical work. Some idiot here has used an earth cable as a line conductor and brown (line) cabling as an earth conductor.
2014-08-21 12.01.33

20/08/14: My old sat-nav has finally had it's chips. 108 miles per hour? I don't think my van would go that fast if you strapped a rocket to it's arse.
2014-08-20 09.27.06

19/08/14: A day off for my eldest's murder mystery birthday party, set in 1900 complete with tinfoil chandelier and papier mache serving dome!
2014-08-19 16.27.44

18/08/14: Dammit, every time I get out of my seat...
2014-08-18 19.52.43

17/08/14: An easy day playing Ni No Kuni with my youngest!
2014-08-17 20.17.20

16/08/14: This sums up my blimmin' Saturday. Five and a half hours of driving just to get to Gordarno Services (south of Bristol) and back. Had to pick up the kids who'd been staying in Devon and Gordano was the halfway point. Backed up traffic on the M5 southbound FOR 19 MILES. Guh!
2014-08-16 17.35.02

15/08/14: Nigel and I enjoying a sneaky lunchtime pint (or three) at The Royal Horse seeing as it was a Friday and we had the afternoon off!
2014-08-15 11.40.35

14/08/14: M' old mukker Nigel from NKM Electrical found this on a job and now proudly displays it on his van. Looks like it might date from 1937 when a five quid fine and a four digit telephone number meant business! Brilliant!
2014-08-14 11.26.30

13/08/14: An evening meal at Bills on The Parade with the wife. Good grub, good service, but Bill's bill left me a little sore about the sphincter.
2014-08-13 19.16.59

12/08/14: An evening of chillin' with the choonz on my Eighties boombox!
2014-08-12 18.08.28

11/08/14: Someone is glad to see me back!
2014-08-11 08.08.52

10/08/14: Still enjoying the sun in Torquay. I hear it's lashing it down back home!
2014-08-10 11.36.16

09/08/14: Arrived in Torquay for the weekend. Just trying to find where I parked my yacht...
2014-08-09 11.18.10

08/08/14: Late night chilling with a movie. Recognise the clip? Sexy Beast. The movie that is, not me. Obviously.
2014-08-08 22.28.10

07/08/14: With the arse end of Hurricane Bertha about to start whipping us with wet weather, it's time to enjoy a quick evening of barbecue and beer in the sun!
2014-08-07 18.28.49

06/08/14: My new 'at! No more sunburned noggin for me.
2014-08-06 16.25.31

05/08/14: My Algae shrimp, a dweller of my 190 litre aquarium and now quite a size.
2014-08-05 21.34.19

04/08/14: A rare sight over Whitnash.
2014-08-04 19.40.20

03/08/14: Hula girl.
2014-08-03 20.50.59

02/08/14: Woodbridge, Suffolk.
2014-08-02 15.58.11

01/08/14: Felixstowe sea wall. I got sunburned here today. Bah!
2014-08-01 16.05.55