For those who fancy slinging the DSES Tranny off a cliff in the Steam game BeamNG Drive, well you're in luck as all you need is right here.

Of course, there's a good chance you haven't a clue of what I'm on about, but in my YouTube video 'Vlogging energy logging with the PEL51', I needed a way to bob my Transit over a precipice. Better to do that virtually than to actually push the my old Ford over the edge which is where the app BeamNG Drive came in. Cue a couple of hours knocking up a custom skin and VOILA!

beamng4GET IN!

Yes, now you too can drive around pretending to me in virtual game world! Fantasise you're on the way to fix an RCD trip! Make believe you're going to first fix a kitchen! Imagine you're going to pop your tool into a proper filthy bored housewife!

Friend, it all starts with BeamNG Drive and this van skin!


Assuming you have BeamNG installed, open its Library folder and find the mods directory. You can do this from Steam, but on Windows the path tends to be:


Note that the path and version number may change, but once in the mods directory, open the 'unpacked' folder, or create one if it doesn't exist.

Within the unpacked directory, download and unzip the following directory structure and files:

Load the game and enter the vehicle selection screen, then choose the Gavril H-Series


Select H25 Vanster Work Package (A) and click LOAD CAR


Enter the Parts menu and choose DSES UK from the Paint Design drop-down


Open your chosen map, and happy driving mother fucker!

Also, download and install at your own risk, I make no guarantee that this will work or stay working, I don't really play this game; I just made the van skin for my energy logging video, yada, yada, yada.


My official efforts are at the end of this very wordy vid should you be curious enough to want to see 'em.