A few weeks ago I decided to invest in a change of wheels and get something with a little more space that also fitted in better with my corporate colour scheme. I’m pleased to report that after signwriting and some light customisation, my tangerine dream is now a sight to behold on the roads around Warwickshire!



Liveried up and painted in anti-camouflage colours, you shouldn’t miss this eyesore illuminating the grey carriageways like some kind of automotive satsuma with attitude. New features include mobile CCTV, parking camera, GPS tracking and a genuine Hawaiian hula-girl perched atop the dashboard who happily does her thang as I potter over the potholes.


Now, if only I could come up with a less labour intensive method of unloading all the flimmin’ power tools at night...


Update 02/08/16

Three years later and she's been rebranded again - only now with illuminated livery!


Yeah, you know you want to find out more about how that was done, so direct your browser to my 3000 word blog article just here!