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A few weeks ago I decided to invest in a change of wheels and get something with a little more space that also fitted in better with my corporate colour scheme. I’m pleased to report that after signwriting and some light customisation, my tangerine dream is now a sight to behold on the roads around Warwickshire!

Have you ever sat down and considered the design delights of the humble UK plug and socket combination?

No, of course you haven’t. At least, not unless you’re either a bit wierd, some kind of industrial design student or me.

In my Mains Electrical section I mention ambient lighting projects are quite popular at the moment, especially with LED lighting offering colourful low power, low heat options allowing you to mood-light a room without it burning through your electricity bill.

On that page I have a small photo of a wall frieze which has sparked some interest, and as this is something that is actually in my own home I thought I'd pass on more details about it.

Good morning Mr Savery! We’re setting up a directory of reputable tradespeople / local firms / preferred suppliers / small businesses / trusted reviews.... you can list your company for an annual fee of £xxx !”

Err... thanks.... but no.

I dislike these calls interrupting my day. There are many such services offering to add me to their list of “reputable local businesses” ...for a price. They play on public fears that anyone not on their list is likely to appear very soon on BBC TV’s Rogue Traders, and they play on businesses fears of missing out on something the competition is using successfully to take customers from under their noses.

Personally I don’t believe any of these directory services are worthwhile. If you’re after some work around the home, here are my ten top tips for taking on the tradespeople...

With Warwick District Council planning a mass plug-pulling of street lights to preserve the pounds, now may be a good time to make an investment in exterior lighting and home security to deter anything that may be tempted to lurk in the shadows.