Occasionally in my Free Advice or Personal Blog, I might write about the construction, modification or repair of electrical items or appliances. This I do as opinion pieces based on my own experiences, observations and competences.

I have experience of working in various technical fields over the years and several technical vocational qualifications to my name. I've had a healthy interest in electronics since I was ten (unhealthy as far as getting girlfriends went), which means I know my way well enough around a soldering iron.

That said, just because I might detail a technical process on this site does not mean it's big, hard or indeed clever for my actions to be duplicated.

Any persons attempting to reproduce the acts represented in any article on this site, either wholly or in part must be aware that you do so at your own risk. Both David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. and David Savery the carbon based life form accept no liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or any other unexpected consequences as a result of any attempt to replicate the actions in any published article on this site or on my social media output.

If you're not technically competent, remember that electricity is dangerous stuff. If you are attempting to mimic something I've done and you don't feel comfortable in your own abilities then seek professional advice.

Remember, although you are free to work on the electrical installation in your own home, anything you do must nonetheless be compliant with the wiring regulations and the building regulations. Failing to comply with either may lead to fine, imprisonment, injury or loss of life.