Traditionally UK houses tended to have a television aerial wired into a single point in the corner of the living room. While that was fine for the old days when families huddled together around a single TV set watching three to five channels of snowy analogue tat, these days there may be numerous futuristic flatscreen babble-boxes scattered around the home, each capable of accessing hundreds of channels of questionable content.

Although I don’t offer to fiddle with the TV aerial dangling off your roof, I can help you to get the signal to where you need it within the house by wiring the feed cable to your room of choice and terminating it onto a socket.

Costs vary depending on the length of the cable run and the installation method with concealed cabling buried in a wall costing more than if it were installed in trunking or clipped into place, however installation of this kind of signal cabling is usually quicker and simpler than with mains electric wiring.

bullet   Aerial/satellite outlet socket repair / replacement / relocation
bullet   Additional outlet sockets for secondary receivers
bullet   Compatible with Freeview, FreeSat, Sky or European TV services
bullet   Existing wiring repair / re-routing
bullet   Loft aerial installations
bullet   Recessed, trunking or clipped cabling options

The cabling I fit is suitable for modern Freeview digital signal distribution via standard aerial (coax) "Belling-Lee" connectors or satellite services using F-type connectors. If you're not sure whether this will meet your needs then please feel free to contact me for a discussion of your requirements.

P5270191Concealed cabling is more work but the end result makes for a much neater and more effective installation.

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